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Ion Dextoxification Foot Bath

Ion detox is system of purification, rebalancing the body at a cellular level. Toxin build-up can cause symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss, skin problem and lower immunity. The Ion Detox is an effective tool to re-energize the body. It help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure and also reduce pain, inflammation and promote weight loss.

30 minutes Ion Detoxification Foot bath $45.00

Wellness and Nutrition Consultation

Maintaining wellness requires a consistent use of practical strategies with an overall focus on the body, mind and spirit. Body alkaline/hydration and tongue evaluations together with other non invasive modality will be use on your first visit for your assessment. Albina also believes in using whole food to create simple, satisfying meal plans to help achieve a healthy and well toned body. Counseling revolves around practical ways to become more active, eating healthier and reducing stress resulting in a positive lifestyle change. You will receive on your first visit a welcome package with cooking methods, list of healthy food choices and food to avoids, instructions and guidelines, follow with personalized meal plan in your next visit.

90 minutes  Initial in-dept Nutritional visit
70 minutes Follow up Nutritional visit

Relaxing Feet Reflexology

Reflexology it's a gentle healing art which promote the proper function of all your body organs.

Reflexology allows your energy to flow freely, help to reduce stress, improves circulation and aids in the removal of toxins.

It promotes the whole wellness by creating a deep state of relaxation, bringing balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit.

60 minutes Reflexology Foot treatment with essential oils and hot towel $55.00
30 minutes Reflexology Foot treatment with essential oils $35.00

Feet and Hand's Paraffin Bath and Massage

Feet and hand’s Paraffin Bath treatment with localized massage & pressure points
(Can be added to Reflexology or with any other treatments)

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