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"Derma fluid anti-aging"
Hyaluronic acid is an essential protein found in the skin. It has very powerful moisturising properties, able to attract over 100 times its weight in water. But it needs to be at his highest purity and at the correct concentration to work..
RRP: $80.00
Sale Price: $70.00
Anti-Acne Treatment
This advanced and exclusive treatment is specifically formulated with an innovative active new launch 'AC.NET', a concentrated synergistic complex, and other effective, blemish-fighting ingredients, to remarkably normalize the skin and reduce the severity
RRP: $39.00
Sale Price: $28.00
Anti-Puffy Eye Gel
With a unique concentrated combination of three active molecules, 3% exclusive EYELISS clinical ingredient, and intensive nourishing elements, this ANTI-PUFFY EYE GEL presents a total and successful solution in treating bags and puffiness under the eyes.
RRP: $46.00
Sale Price: $42.00
Bio-Dermasolare 20 Light Moisturizer
A light facial spray lotionto protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun.Indicated for all skin types.It's a vitamin-rich plant extract lotion formulated to restore, improve skin tone and texture with out clogging pores.
RRP: $39.00
Sale Price: $35.00
Bio-regenerating Night Therapy
This organic treatment cream is designed to help with the natural rejuvenation cycle of the skin. It contains a complete range of biological and effective nutrients.
RRP: $64.00
Sale Price: $60.00
Dark eye Circle and Neck repair
This is a clear, greaseless, lightweight eye gel that is formulated to specifically reduce wrinkles of the eyes and Neck, also the dark rings from under the eyes which are commonly related to lack of sleep, genetics and diet.
RRP: $38.00
Sale Price: $35.00
Day Firming Treatment
As skin ages, there is a slowdown in the body's ability to produce elastin and collagen two major compounds that give the skin its elasticity and youthful appearance.
RRP: $59.00
Sale Price: $55.00
Gentle Honey Almond Scrub
This unique, time-action, moisturizing GENTLE HONEY ALMOND SCRUB contains finely ground almonds which gently loosen up and draw out deeply embedded impurities from clogged pores..
RRP: $42.00
Sale Price: $38.00
Herbal Deodorant
RRP: $21.00
Sale Price: $18.00
Instant AHA Beauty Masque
Nothing works like a good clay masque to help rid the pores of deeply embedded skin pollutants hardened skin oils, dead skin tissue, airborne irritants, etc. Regular cleansing of the skin will remove surface grime, but the use of a good facial mask..
RRP: $42.00
Sale Price: $38.00
Invigorating AHA Toner
This alcohol-free INVIGORATING AHA TONER has been specially formulated for all skin types. Each precious drop has been purposely fortified with AHA fruit acid and Cucumber extract responsible for is anti-inflammatory and astringent properties.
RRP: $36.00
Sale Price: $32.00
Lip Balm
RRP: $7.00
Sale Price: $4.00
Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment
MICRODERMABRASION, a Facial Resurfacing Treatment in a jar, is a painless treatment which can be used in the comfort of your home, on any skin colour or type, even sensitive skin. Exfoliate and polish the skin without the harshness of a machine.
RRP: $46.00
Sale Price: $42.00
Package 1 - Anti Aging
Purchase the Anti-aging Package for 20% off regular products prices.
RRP: $185.00
Sale Price: $148.00
Package 2 - Anti-Acne
Purchase the Anti-acne Package for 20% off regular products prices.
RRP: $100.00
Sale Price: $80.00
Package 3 - Basic Daily
Purchase the Basic Daily Package for 20% off regular products prices.
RRP: $103.00
Sale Price: $82.00
Purifying AHA Facial Cleanser
No beauty enhancement step is more important than proper cleansing.Clean skin provides the perfect base for all beauty steps that follow.PURIFYING AHA FACIAL CLEANSER is a very important step in your beauty enhancement regime..
RRP: $40.00
Sale Price: $36.00
Tea-Tree Blemish Cream
This one-of-a-kind recipe contains the amazing, natural source antibacterial compound. Tea Tree Oil is found only in selected regions of New South Wales, Australia. Regular use will help keep the skin clear, smooth, and youthful in appearance..
RRP: $32.00
Sale Price: $28.00